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[J]-Journal [C]-Conference [P]-Preprint 

\bigstar - 2018 - \bigstar

SMadfgB[P] — Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who’s Got the Clearest Image of Them All? − A Tailored Approach to Single Image Reflection Removal.
D. Heydecker*, G. Maierhofer*,A.I Aviles-Rivero*, Q. Fan, C-B Schönlieb and S. Süsstrunk. (*Equal Contribution).
arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.11589. — Link
introFigC_5a[P] — Peekaboo – Where are the Objects? Structure Adjusting Superpixels.
G. Maierhofer*, D. Heydecker*, A.I Aviles-Rivero*, S.M Alsaleh and C-B Schönlieb. (*Equal Contribution) To Appear – ICIP2018.
arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.02796. — Link
CS+M[C] — CS+M: A Simultaneous Reconstruction and Motion Estimation Approach for Improving Undersampled MRI Reconstruction.
A.I Aviles-Rivero, G. Williams, M. Graves and C.B Schönlieb.
To Appear – ISMRM 2018.
robotic_scheme[J] — Sensory Substitution for Force Feedback Recovery: A Perception Experimental Study.
A.I Aviles-Rivero, S.M Alsaleh, J. Philbeck, S.P Raventos, N. Younes, J.K Hanh and A. Casals
To Appear in ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP), 2018.
robotic_scheme5.png[J] — Sliding to predict: Vision-based beating heart motion estimation by modeling temporal interactions.
A.I Aviles-Rivero, S.M Alsaleh and A. Casals.
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (IJCARS), 2018.
Journal Link

\bigstar - 2017 - \bigstar

[J] — Robust Cardiac Motion Estimation using Ultrafast Ultrasound Data: A Low-Rank Topology-Preserving Approach.
A.I Aviles-Rivero, T. Widlak, A. Casals, M.M. Nillesen and H. Ammari.
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2017. — Preprint || Journal Link
[J] — Towards Retrieving Force Feedback in Robotic-Assisted Surgery: A Supervised Neuro-Recurrent-Vision Approach.
A.I Aviles-Rivero, S.M Alsaleh, J.K. Hahn and A. Casals.
IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 2017.   —  Journal Link
IROS2017[C] — Sight to Touch: 3D Diffeomorphic Deformation Recovery with Mixture Components for Perceiving Forces in Robotic-Assisted Surgery.
A.I Aviles-Rivero, S.M. Alsaleh and A. Casals.
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2017. Vancouver, Canada. — Paper
siggrpah17A[C] — Escaping specularity: recovering specular-free video sequences from rank-constrained data.
S.M. Alsaleh, A.I Aviles-Rivero, A. Casals and J.K. Hahn.
SIGGRAPH Posters 2017. L.A., California, USA.  —Paper Link